About Fili

From Montreal, Canada, Fili Boutique is, a love story between hand-sewn designs and colors. Inspired from kids and made for them with batiks from Africa and Indonesia. Fili Boutique prints are carefully picked, only small quantities to insure our one of a kind and unique design. Bold color and print for fun kids.

I think that every human being, and every child, is unique. Children’s clothes, then, must be reflective of their uniqueness. That’s why each piece I hand-design is one-of-a-kind, there’s always a little special something that makes each piece different from the other, making it both human and unique, which makes them “Hunique”.

Each piece of clothing is created and put together in Quebec to offer flawless, lasting quality

Every day we feel very grateful and happy to design this collection for you. Your love and support is a powerful fuel to our journey. Each of your emails, notes, “Likes” and call keep us enthusiastic to grow and give you a better product.

Stay in touch by sending us your kids pictures with their “Hunique” style.

We really hope that you feel the LOVE we put in each garment.